4 hot shorts trends you should try this summer!

For All 5 Body Shapes

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hey girly! we’re doing things a bit different for this weeks blog post, you get to hear from me… elsa’s summer intern.

now let me introduce myself. my name is maria and i came all the way from dallas, texas to spend my summer interning in nyc. and what a great learning experience it was!

unfortunately, this is my last week here and my last week with elsa. :(

and since we’re on the topic of good things coming to an end, this also marks the last week of our summer staples month (double sad face).

so get ready, cause this week i get to tell you about shorts, shorts, and more shorts! :)

shorts are a great way to keep cool, while showing off your legs in the summer. but maybe you’re looking for something more than your plain old denim shorts to throw on this year.

here’s what’s been trending this season in the shorts arena:

  1. leather
  2. scalloped trim
  3. floral print shorts
  4. embroidered

here are some basic points to remember when picking out your new pair of short(s) :)

*stay away from shorts that add extra volume to your mid-section through bulky waistbands or pleats.

  • if you’re a jennifer lopez or halle berry shape, avoid pockets that pucker/stick out or prints that add volume to your hip area
  • fit is also something to keep in mind while shopping. the fit should not be too tight
  • pick a length that you are comfortable with…not too short and not too; long. shorts that end near the knee cut your body in half.  i usually like to keep my shorts slightly above finger tip length.
  • pick the pair of shorts that accentuate your curves and make you look and feel your best

below are some fabulous options chosen just for you!

so feel free to look hot and stay cool this summer, starting now…


1) leather













option 1

option 2



2) scalloped trim

option 1

option 2


3) floral print

option 1

option 2


4) embroidered

option 1

option 2


do you have any of the 4 trends in your closet now? or maybe you have your eyes set on one of them? either way, let me know!



stylishly yours,


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  1. Printed shorts are absolutely adorable. They are fun and yell summer! Like lace shorts, printed shorts can be worn both day and night and can be found anywhere. Also they can be loose or fitted. Remember though, with printed shorts keep it simple or your outfit can look very messy. Pair them with a solid top and simple shoes.

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