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i know you & i talk a lot about clothes, but i think it’s time we had a real convo about what you’re wearing under all of your fabulous clothing… don’t you?

sooooo… i thought i’d whip up a quick checklist for you to take with you the next time you’re out bra hunting!

remember, the number part refers to of a bra’s band size & the letter part refers to the cup size.


perfect bra shopping checklist:


1. have someone else fit you & don’t wear a padded bra when being fitted

2. be sure the bra doesn’t fit too big or it will look sloppy under your clothes

3. center front panel should lay flat on your breastbone between your breasts

4. back band should not ride up your back but sit parallel to the bottom of your bra in front – you should be able to fit a finger under the front & back bands

5. test the comfort of a bra’s band size by sitting in it. our rib cage expands when we are seated so if band is too tight when sitting, go up 1 band size


6. be sure the shoulder straps don’t leave indentation marks on your shoulders. if it does, it means your bra does not provide you with enough back band support

7. the cup of your bra should rest flat on & encircle your breasts without digging or bulging

8. if you see any gapping in the cup area of your bra, it means you should go down a cup size

9. keep at least 3 bras in rotation so you don’t wear out your bras


10. find a brand of bras that fit you well and stick to it


one of my favorite bra brands is calvin klien.

i hate underwires in a bra (it helps that i don’t really need them) so here’s one of my favorite wire-free bra’s by calvin:

do you have a favorite bra that you swear by? i’d love to hear about it, so let me know in the comments section below :)




stylishly yours,


Comments (5)


  1. Jenny Shih says:

    Thanks so much for providing that link, Elsa! I’ve been desperately searching for a new bra–I’m sooo hard to fit. I just ordered that one. Yay!

  2. Ok I think I need to order that too – looks comfy! I’m a big fan of Natori – they are a bit pricey but sooo comfy (even with an underwire).
    Great post mama!! :)

  3. I hate underwires too! And they limit the flow of lymph from your breasts, so they are not too healthy, and can create breast soreness, etc. My fave bra is a nude cosabella triangle bra with no underwire, a little padding and a lace band, so comfy and flattering!

  4. kelly says:

    Oooh that looks comfy! I hate underwires too! And I’m not entirely happy with my VS bras…but bought them out of desperation and hating bra shopping…they only fit with the 3rd clasp on the back , but the girl kept insisting that you aren’t ever supposed to use the 3rd clasp…but then why do they make it?

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