bonus question #5!


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look how far you’ve come!

you’ve made it to the LAST & FINAL question of the contest.

i’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow so be sure to get your answers in ASAP on this one!

are you ready?  well here it is and remember to make it count ;)

question # :

why do you feel YOU deserve to be the grand prize winner?

i’m sure you knew that one was coming right  :)

can’t wait to read your answers on this one!

if any of you are wondering what contest i’m referring to, click here to read all about it!


stylishly yours,


Comments (4)


  1. Amanda says:

    Hmm – toughest question yet! I think I should win because I have been putting off taking my style to the next level for WAY too long. Too many months and years of daydreaming, and not enough action! It’s time to shine, and I’m sure you can help me do it, Elsa!

  2. Stephanie W. says:

    I desperately need some help pulling together a wardrobe that allows me to express who I am fully to the world.
    I’m on the brink of bringing some of my biggest dreams into reality and I want my closet to reflect this authentic and creative ME! Yay! :)
    P.S. Have love participating in this contest Elsa…you’re a rockstar!

  3. cherie says:

    I’m a single mom that has devoted way too much time to taking care of others (I’m also a nurse by trade). You can slip very easily into the habit of wearing comfortable scrubs all to the time! Now that my boys are teenagers, I really need a style makeover. A fresh new look to reflect the energy and vitality I feel every day. Your personality shines through with that and I feel you are just the person to do that! :)

  4. I resisted then gave in to answer this Q. Well I deserve to work with such a talented women to show me how I can be more self expressed with my wardrobe. A pair of skilled fresh eyes on my wardrobe will give me more outfits and help me when I have to dash to for an event, do a video or photo shoot. How could I think I’m not. I had fun playing with you here lady and happy for whoever wins even if it’s not me. :) Great job!

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