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the iconic style of Elizabeth Taylor!

Elsa March 31, 2011
the iconic style of Elizabeth Taylor!

she was the epitome of grace with beauty that could take your breath away! through out her years Liz Taylor was known for many things; an actress, cleopatra, a two-time oscar winner, a wife to 7 husbands and a mogul. but today i want to pay homage to: Elizabeth Taylor the style icon!   in [...]

who’s that girl????

Elsa January 21, 2011
who's that girl????

dear beautiful, today i happily get to reveal secret #2 to you!! it’s another new monthly video series and it’s called ‘you’ve got style!‘ what’s it about you ask? gorgeous women who draw from the beauty of their everyday lives, the love in their heart & passion in their souls; mix it all together and [...]


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