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4 the love of style

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i’ve been a busy bee so far this year working on new and fun stuff for you ladies. it’s been very hard keeping all of this exciting news to myself so I’m super happy… and relieved to finally be able to reveal one of my surprises to you now!



4 the love of style! a monthly video segment that gives you quick inspiration on 4 different ways to personalize the latest & greatest in fashion!

first up, 4 the love of style: layered necklaces – press play & enjoy!

soooooooo what did you all think?? let me know with a comment below.

my friend Elsa helped me with the modeling and the song was courtesy of my friend Dede… isn’t her voice amazing!?

to download some of Dede’s exclusive songs, visit:

and here are all the ways you can connect with her online:

her blog

as always, thanks for reading & being here! i can’t wait to share even bigger news with you next week :) !!!!


try & get rid of clothing in your closet each to time you add to it. so if you buy 3 new items, get rid of/give away 3 old items. this mantra will help you eliminate closet overwhelm!


stylishly yours,


Comments (5)


  1. Stephanie Watanabe says:

    Love this!!! Such a great idea for a video series & the video itself is really well shot/put together. Nice one lady!!!
    Can’t wait to hear what’s up next! xo

  2. iCandy says:

    I was hoping you’d have something on the Golden Globe dresses. Red Carpet season this January lol these chicks aren’t PLAYING!!

  3. iCandy says:

    Necklaces are really great Elsas! The video is a good idea :-)

    Iyadede is yoruba? she definitely has a voice and reminds me a bit of Asa

  4. Loved this video Elsa. Very simple and stylish.

    Wonderful song!

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