don’t wear ugly sandals!

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sorry wait… let me rephrase:

PLEASE, don’t wear ugly sandals!

i know it’s summer… and it’s hot out… and you just want your pretty feet to breath… but let’s talk about this for a minute.

just like your body, there are lines that make your feet look better and then there are lines that make your feet look pretty bad.

in fact, almost all sandals that cut your feet in weird places, also cuts the length in your legs, giving you an overall shorter appearance… and that’s no bueno.

so your sandals should avoid any frills, flowers and ties that wrap around your legs.

streamlined is the name of this foot game.

remember, your feet are the main attraction here, so your sandals are the supporting cast.

and as always, i come bearing pics!








a great pair of dolce vita ‘archer flat’ sandals in nude


ok fess up hot stuff!

how many ugly sandals are lurking in your closet????


stylishly yours,


Comments (8)


  1. hi Elsa, once again you’ve hit the nail on the head. The don’t sandals always look like they’re giving feet a bad wedgie, if you get my drift :-)
    What do you think about the gladiator inspired sandals? I’ve never bought them because they didn’t make sense to me–why cover up most of my cute feet? Thanks!

  2. Elsa; very interesting; I think I have a don’t sandle; must re-visit that decision!

  3. I love your title! I actually only have one pair of sandals! And they’re the good kind :) .

  4. Wow Elsa this is so helpful! I am going to audit my sandals right now!

  5. Only 2…promise! Thanks Elsa for the great sandal examples. Time to shop ;)

  6. [...] for summer, my favorite way to wear leggings is with a long t-shirt or blouse and some wedges or cool sandals (for sandal tips check out elsa’s post don’t wear ugly sandals). [...]

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