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okay, ask any one who knows me and they’ll be sure to confirm one major fact about me: that there is one season above all that I dread the most…cold season! and it doesn’t matter that I grew up in Canada, I was born in Africa! and in Africa, the sun is pretty much a staple… kind of like a good friend I can almost always rely on. but in the midst of the face slapping wind, slippery wet slush & limb numbing cold, there is one thing I do look forward to when the cold season comes around… COAT SHOPPING!

in my opinion I believe your winter coat is pretty important and can often prove to be a daunting task! it has the difficult job of creating the balanced & vertical shape that is normally done with several pieces of clothing, with just one piece AND keep you warm all at once! but don’t let the challenge of finding your gem coat this season overwhelm you ladies! it’s all about applying the same principles we talked about in my free guide ‘your shape. your style.’

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i’ve given you a head start today, and have hand pick 5 amazing coats for each of your shapes. all the coats I’ve selected are by Canadian design duo, Mackage. I have a slight obsession with their coats… and not just because they’re fellow Canadians ;-) . these young designers know exactly what they’re doing! their attention to detail, quality of construction & signature use of leather is what has kept them a go-to staple for style seekers all over the world. having said that, they are not cheap! But I feel like a classic winter coat that flatters your shape and keeps you warm is well worth the investment. you should think of your coat as something similar to your car… it’s what you arrive in!

Mackage will be having a sample sale here in nyc soon, so for all of you New Yorkers, be on the look out for my post about that.

and without further adieu, here are my top winter coat picks for your shape!

remember you don’t have to go with the Mackage brand as your choice of coat: you can apply the same body shape principles I talk about below, with a brand that’s more suited to your taste & budget.

happy shopping!

the angelina jolies’ coat

why it works:

the bell sleeves, cinched waist & bottom ribbed band on this jacket all help to create curvature on your bottom half which balances out your broad shoulders. a jacket that ends at hip length like this one accentuates your lean legs!

the uniform color of the jacket also directs eye flow vertically. the more colors, or hardware detail a coat has, the more it breaks up the body & disrupts eye flow. if you are taller, you have some room to experiment with mutli-colored & detailed versions.

the naomi campbells’ coat

why it works:

the belted waist, stand collar & pleated a-line skirt here are great at highlighting your small waist & downplaying your wide shoulders. the slight scarf collar detail is not something I would normally recommend for your body shape, but because the skirt of this jacket is so full, it works. remember there are always exceptions to every rule. the more comfortable & familiar you become with what works for you, the better you’ll be able to determine when you can bend the rules too!

the cameron diaz’ coat

why it works:

the bell sleeves, cinched waist, structured shoulders & tulip bottom all work together here to help add curvature & definition to your boyish frame.

you’ll also notice how the space in between the buttons decreases to a ‘v’ shape at your waist which of course helps to create definition where we all want it most… our waist!

it doesn’t hurt that this jacket incorporates not 1, but 2 of the hottest trends of this season: the military look and the high collar!

the halle berrys’ coat

why it works:

the tall stand collar, belted waist & a-line skirt on this jacket will enhance your beautiful curves without revealing too much! for you, it’s all about fit. be sure the coat is well constructed in a quality fabric. this means your shoulder seams should sit right at your shoulders without drooping and the fabric should skim nicely off of your bust & waist without any pulling. be careful of sleeve length also, your sleeves should end right below your wrist bone.

what’s great about the stand collar is that it instantly adds some height to your frame!

the jennifer lopez’ coat

why it works:

the beautiful wide collar, belted waist & trumpet skirt on this coat is definitely an ideal combination for your shape. the wide collar creates the volume required to balance your slender shoulders with your wide hips. and the slight flare in the trumpet skirt helps minimize the width of your hips also.

if you’d like to check out Mackage’s full collection (they do men’s clothes also), check it out here .


stylishly yours,


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  1. What a good article! I can’t agree more.Hope you to visit my moncler new york.

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    I just put into favorites your topic. Useful information.

  3. Elizabetta says:

    Exactly the guidance I needed before the Mackage sample sale next week. You are amazing at what you do, truly own your art!

  4. Makda says:

    Hey there lady – love it!! WINTER COAT is just what I was looking for. You can recognize Mackage miles away. Mx

  5. Helen says:

    Hi Elsa,

    Congratulations, your blog page looks great! I can’t wait to learn more useful tips.


  6. Your blog looks fab! Congratulations! Can’t wait for more tips.xx

  7. Sen says:

    Hi! Just wanted to know who is the actual designer of the ‘Naomi Campbell’ coat? That’s definitely my fav :) great article!

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