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lately I’ve been noticing a recurring struggle with my clients when it comes to dress pants.

the fit of their dress pants looked odd on almost all of them because of one major design flaw… front side pockets!

i’m not sure why, but designers everywhere seem to think it necessary to include side front pockets to women’s dress pants… even though it makes ZERO sense.

men are the ones who actually use their dress pants pockets, but we women usually don’t.

so guess what ends up happening… those ugly pockets just sit there, puckering, altering our silhouette in the worst way possible.

again I have to ask, do you really want extra volume on your hips?

and for the record i TOTALLY understand your plight, cause i know first hand that finding a pair of dress pants sans front side pockets is no easy feat.

HERE’S THE EASY FIX: have the pocket lining cut out & the pocket openings sewn shut… Voila, alteration magic!

another thing to remember when choosing dress pants is the fit in your legs. they should fit closer to your body in your thigh area then get slightly looser at the knee.

if they’re too loose in the thigh area, you’ll look disheveled & sloppy.

check out how unflattering these pants look on JLo all because of a couple of unnecessary pockets!


here are a pair of anne klein, ankle length dress pants that will do all the right things!


do you have dress pants with side front pockets in your closet?

if so, have you ever been put off by the extra volume the pockets added?

if you’ve come up with other easy fixes for bulging pockets, this is the place to share them baby!!



stylishly yours,


Comments (4)


  1. Darris says:

    I’ve always stayed away from front side pockets because they never stay flat against my body even though I am fairly slim. Sewing them closed is a great idea . . . not having them there in the first place, even better.

  2. I have never been able to find a pair of trousers that fit properly – methinks I need tailoring help!

  3. Diaper Cakes says:

    Yes. This is good stuff. Thank you.

  4. Luther Women says:

    I must agree! BTW this blog rocks!

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