the perfect swimsuit for your body!

For All 5 Body Shapes

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guess what beautiful?! it’s officially summer!

and guess what else that means?! a lot of fun in the sun and of course swimsuit season!

now i know for some of us, the mere mention of swimsuits, sends us into panic mode.

but you know i don’t like it when you panic, so i wanted to offer you a little peace of mind today with a swimsuit guide for your body shape!

below, you’ll find some fabulous finds that will accentuate your gorgeous body in all the right places.

after you have the guidelines for your shape down,  don’t forget to put your personality into your selection too. if that bright neon swimsuit is the perfect compliment to your bubbly personality than go for it! or if you prefer something more classy and simple stick with that classic black one piece.

P.S. if you don’t know what your body shape is, just enter your measurements into the calculator just to the right of these words and find out instantly!

Angelina Jolie Shape

goal: minimize your tummy area and accentuate your bust

what to look for: v-neck line, ruching  and strong straps and ruching are you friends! the ruching will make you look slimmer and those straps will help keep your girls up!

option 1

option 2

option 3



Naomi Campbell Shape

goal: balance bottom half with your top half and define your waist

what to look for: swimsuits with belts or faux belts, graphic detail that creates curves on your bottom half and straps that sit away from the edge of your shoulders.

option 1

option 2


Jennifer Lopez Shape

goal: balance top  half with your bottom half and define your waist

what to look for: embellishments/details on your top half and in the neckline, and keep it simple, dark  and embellishment free on the bottom

option 1

option 2


Cameron Diaz Shape

goal: to define their waist and create curves

what to look for: paneling, directional lines + graphics that help create the illusion of curves and defines the waist

option 1

option 2


Halle Berry Shape

goal: highlight your waist + curves

what to look for: v-necklines, lower waisted bikini bottoms/higher cut one piece bottoms and paneling that mimics your curves

option 1

option 2


have you been swimsuit shopping yet? or maybe you already own an amazing swimsuit that does all the right things.

either way, please tell me about it! what brands have you found work best for your shape?





stylishly yours,


Comments (2)


  1. Kelly says:


    What about covering your butt without looking like you are wearing a “mom” swimsuit? It’s not that my butt is fat, I just don’t always feel like letting it all hang out at the beach. I’m moody that way! :)

    PS: I’m long waisted with short legs, so I rarely find a one piece that will work. Happy with bikini bottoms that are fuller coverage and have a V-line waist in front.

    Another question is color? I’m whitey white….so I’ve learned that I look really good, surprisingly in orangey red or dark red suits. I’m wondering what other colors tho would work.

  2. Tania says:

    Thank you for the great advices!!! It is so hard to find a swimsuit that fits. I got the Boyleg Maillot from Seafolly and I think it is one of my best pick for the HB shape ;-) I also love that you give link to different options!!!

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