this one’s for Whitney!


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it’s been a few days now and i still can’t get over the shock that Whitney Houston is no longer with us…

i know she’s just a mere celebrity to some but to people like me, she was SO much more.

her incredible sweet voice has been the soundtrack of my life since i was like 8.

whether i was happy, brokenhearted or just in need of inspiration, she had a song with just the right lyrics to see me through that moment.

she had a talent that she was brave & confident enough to share with the world, despite the mounting obstacles that stood in her path… and that was inspiring!

with both Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston gone, i wonder if the kids of this generation will be blessed enough to have the same type of musical inspirations that we were so lucky to have.

so in honor of the beautiful Whitney Houston, i dedicate today’s post to her.

she was definitely a woman of style!



RIP beautiful Whitney – thank you sharing the deepest part of who you were with us – i will always love you!

please share your thoughts if you have been affected by the death of Whitney Houston.





stylishly yours,


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  1. Aja says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dedication!! She was a force in MANY lives and I wish the media would choose to remember her for her good times! Her good times FAR outweighed her bad, and THAT is what needs to be KNOWN about her legacy. Although it was God’s plan all along, she left WAY too soon for me…I pictured her old, grey-haired, and BEAUTIFUL sitting on the front row 20yrs from now being honored…I LOVE YOU, WHITNEY!! THANKS FOR LETTING YOUR TALENT BE AN INSPIRATION TO ME!!

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