why wide belts suck!

For All 5 Body Shapes

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if you and i have ever worked together, then you already know about my great dislike for wide belts!


but if we haven’t, let me explain why i’m asking you to toss all wide belts out of your closet!

you should only be wearing belts for 2 reasons:

  • functionality/keep your pants up
  • because it helps complete a particular look


your belt should not be playing the lead role to your outfit and instead serve as a great supportive character that helps tell the story of your look.

if you’re wearing a belt to help keep your pants up then right off the bat, you know that wide belts won’t even fit in 99% of belt loops out there.

if you have a clothing item with belt loops that CAN fit a wide belt, i STRONGLY recommend you give those suckers away!

if you’re using wide belts around dresses, sweaters, etc., the purpose of the belt in these looks is to show off the smallest part of your waist.

and the smallest part of your waist isn’t very wide… you have about an inch of real estate in that area tops!

so guess what happens when you wrap a wide belt around the smallest part of your body?? you end up creating a boxy waistline instead of a slim one… not what you were going for right?

a skinny belt is the most effective way to lead the eye to the smallest part of your waist hands down!

check out these images and let me know which silhouette is more flattering… wide or skinny?



let me hear which celeb you feel is rocking her belt more in her look.



stylishly yours,


Comments (10)


  1. No question, the skinny belt wins. When I look at the dress with the wide belt, all I see is that WIDE belt!

  2. Sarah Yost says:

    Wow. Obviously the skinny one. Thanks!

  3. Heather says:

    I’ve always thought wide belts looked weird and thought maybe I was taking crazy pills! Great photos above, the skinny belt obviously wins.

  4. I do not agree. I depends of the bodyshape and style. If you’ve got a short upperbody a wide belt is a no no. I’ve got a long upperbody and a waist. I looks good on me with at wide belt. It accentuates my waist an put my body in proportions.

  5. Ashley says:

    Throwing out my wide, RED belt now =) I actually only wore it out once because it never looked right with anything. Great photo examples!

  6. I’m torn here. Above the answer is totally obvious right? The skinny for sure. :)

    But I have seen girls whose wide belt situation looks good…any exceptions to the rule that you can think of?

    I only say this because I have a few gorgeous wide belts that I adore.
    If I’m honest (at least on my body shape), I think you’re right…’cause I hardly EVER find the right way to wear them. Maybe that’s my clue. ;)


  7. Ali says:

    The girl with the wide belt looks uncomfortable!

  8. kelly says:

    I agree…but I do think there are exceptions…I’m long waisted so I’m wondering if a wider belt helps to break up the waist area more.
    You know what i REALLY hate? The wearing a belt right under your boobs look! Who started that and who thinks it looks good? I’ve heard people defend it saying that it is the smallest part of a woman’s body…but I don’t get it…even if it is it still looks weird!

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